40th Birthday Chicago Party Yacht

Why You Should Celebrate Your 40th with a Chicago Yacht Party

40th birthdays are a huge milestone and a particularly special occasion. They’re one of few birthdays that truly call for an event to remember. You can eat dinner in your pajamas or wait for a drink at the local hot spot next year! This year, it’s time to do something incredible and unforgettable. Our suggestion: a Chicago yacht party!

Here’s why you should celebrate your 40th with a Chicago yacht party: 

It’s a great way to get friends and families together 

Your 40th birthday is a unique one because it’s typically an equal mix of friends and family members. Many people have kids, and even better, their kids are often friends. Rather than choosing between one or the other, why not use this occasion to get friends and family members all together? 

The adults can reminisce about the time they’ve spent together over drinks, swap stories, and belly laugh. The kids can enjoy each other’s company by playing games, throwing dance parties, or taking advantage of one of the swimming add-on packages we offer. No matter what you choose to do or who you choose to invite, your 40th birthday Chicago yacht party has something for everyone. 


You can cheers to 40 years 

After 40 years, you’ve experienced many things, cultivated many stories, seen interesting places, and lived long enough to have a deep and true sense of who you are. The same is likely true for each of your friends, and many of your family members. While you’re celebrating, take a moment to reminisce over the last few decades. Celebrate your accomplishments, move on from your losses, and feel the gratitude for all you have sweep through you as the boat gently glides across the lake. 

On Adeline’s Sea Moose, there is plenty of space for story swapping, laugh sharing, drink sipping, and cozying up. There are also incredible views to enjoy everywhere you look. If you plan it right, you can time your birthday toast for when you see the sun start to fade behind the stunning Chicago skyline. The options are endless when you celebrate your 40th birthday with a Chicago yacht party.   

It can be anything you want 

We saved the best (almost, we kind of think they’re all the best!) for last. When you book your 40th birthday party with Adeline’s Sea Moose, you not only get an unforgettable Chicago yacht party, but you can also customize it to fit your personality. Unlike other venues of our size, we’ll let you decorate just about any way you please. But if you want to tell your guests that there are no cheesy joke balloons allowed, we’ll go along with it!

Your 40th can be anything you want it to be. Whether that’s a game night, trivia, or a historic river cruise, we can accommodate it. You could also do a scavenger hunt using pictures of iconic Chicago landmarks as tasks, or throw a themed party, like Great Gatsby, costumes, black and gold, or murder mystery. When your options are open, you get the chance to be unique, creative, and have a lot of fun with it, too!