All-Inclusive Luxury Cruises in All of Chicago

The Best All-Inclusive Luxury Cruise in All of Chicago

All-inclusive-style events have exploded in popularity in recent years. Planning can be difficult enough to begin with, but it only gets harder when you have to book multiple venues or vendors, coordinate tons of little details, and pay a bunch of different people separately. Even the simplest party can become difficult and expensive this way. But we’re here to tell you that there’s a better way. 

The best all-inclusive luxury cruise in all of Chicago is right here waiting for you to climb aboard! Adeline’s Sea Moose offers four levels of entertaining space, an expansive deck, a fully-stocked bar, and panoramic views of one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Everything you need is included, you won’t have to share the space with anyone else, and you can decorate as you please. What could be better than that? 

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few of our favorite occasions for booking an all-inclusive luxury cruise with Adeline’s: 

Your luxurious and unique wedding ceremony and reception 

Your wedding is the day your life changes forever, and all of the days leading up to it should reflect that. We see too many soon-to-be newlyweds stressing over details, scraping together payments for 12 different vendors, tackling endless to-do lists, and missing out on how beautiful the process is. Weddings are wonderful events, they’re beautiful and magical, but planning one can make you forget that. That’s why we’re here to remind you. 

Take all of the hassle, stress, and financial pressure out of planning your big day, and choose an all-inclusive luxury cruise in Chicago instead. The less exciting parts of wedding planning are the ones you should leave behind, and we can help you do that. Your big day is all about you, your party, and your loved ones. That’s why we put together a Skyline Wedding Charter package (starting at $5,500) that includes just about everything you’ll need. Invite your guests, pick where you’d like to stop for your ceremony, find the perfect photographer to capture the magic and let us handle everything else. 

Your significant other’s next big birthday 

Whether it’s 21, 30, or one of the other big birthdays, getting older is inevitable, but it’s hard to be upset about it when you’re cruising past Chicago’s stunning skyline. Instead of calling around to find a back room in a crowded restaurant to rent out, pick an all-inclusive luxury cruise in Chicago instead. This will be a birthday they’ll never forget, and while we do most of the work, we’ll happily give you all of the credit! Your friends and loved ones will enjoy gorgeous views, have plenty of space to relax, mingle, and sip drinks, and you can enjoy putting on a party that you won’t have to stress about. 

Your favorite friend’s bachelorette or bachelor party 

We’ve all got that one friend that has been dreaming of or talking about getting married since we were too young to know what it really meant. Now, they’re getting married, and it’s time to do something extra special for them. Brunches, spa days, bowling, and barbecuing are all fun enough, but they’ve been done before. You have the unique opportunity to give your friend the gift of an all-inclusive luxury cruise in Chicago that’ll blow every other bachelor or bachelorette party out of the water. Yes, pun intended

Whether you want to share stories and mimosas or cheers with beers and play games, there’s plenty of space for your luxurious, floating party to take place. At some point, be sure to snag some pictures on the upper deck to document the evening. You can also use the skyline to create a fun and festive scavenger hunt, splay out in the sun on the deck for a while, cozy up in a seat, or throw some music on the surround-sound for a floating dance party. The opportunities are endless with a luxurious, all-inclusive cruise aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose.