Best Art Show Venue in Chicago

As Chicago’s art scene continues to flourish, the number of venues where artists can exhibit their work is growing exponentially. Unbeknownst to most people, Chicago’s arts and culture sector is worth a staggering $3.2 billion. This translates to 85,000 full-time jobs that create $2 billion in local household income. On top of generating over $336.5 million in taxes, this booming niche is directly responsible for increasing the amount of tourism in Chicago. Currently one in three arts attendees are non-residents that spend an average of 3.5 times more than locals. This impressive impact is forcing art venues to adapt to a growing market.

Faced with a larger number of visitors, the pitfalls of land-based art galleries are being exasperated. From congested neighborhoods to mediocre displays, there are plenty of reasons why artists are looking elsewhere when showcasing their work. As art venues continue to disappoint, many clients are turning to private yachts for a much needed fresh start. Fueled by a booming interest amongst artists, this exciting exhibition option is taking Chicago’s art scene by storm.

Whether you are fundraising or soliciting donor acquisitions for art non-profits, the same advantages apply. For this reason, we compiled a list of the limitations of land-based art venues. To provide a solution, each example is complimented with an explanation of how yachts address the issue. There’s no reason to conform to the mistakes others are making, so prepare to find a new way to exhibit your artwork!

Biggest Limitations of Land-Based Art Venues

Issue #1: Repetitive Presentations

While Chicago is home to multiple top notch art galleries, visitors can’t help but feel deja vu. This is due to the fact that many art gallery galleries look eerily similar. Despite sporting lavish décor and intricate decorations, these environments are far from original. To compound the problem, there’s little art galleries can do to differentiate each artist aside from simply displaying their work.

This lack of personality is contrasted by the wild versatility of hosting an event on a private yacht. On top of already being a unique venue for artists, we are able to customize the yacht’s décor to highlight the theme of any event. Here at Adeline’s Sea Moose, we are dedicated to making every voyage different from the last. There’s no reason not to ask for the best, so don’t settle for art galleries’ played-out presentation!

Issue #2: Traffic

To cater to high-end clients, most art galleries are located in the busiest areas of Chicago. While this is great for highlighting the city’s charm, it also gives an unwanted preview of rush hour traffic. Thanks to this stark reality, what starts as an epic event routinely leads to a half hour sitting in traffic.

Fortunately, it’s still possible for artists to enjoy the best of both worlds with their art exhibits. Say goodbye to traffic and parking issues by chartering our private yacht. We offer parking that’s just outside the city center, which allows visitors a stress-free preview of the best side of Chicago. Whether you are moored to the dock or on a charter down the river, escaping the constraints of civilization can’t be beaten. Avoid traffic and headaches by hosting your event at Burnham Harbor.

Issue #3: Lack of Mobility

At land based art galleries, attendees are greeted with a static situation. No matter how long they stay at the show, the scenery and presentation remains the same. While this may satisfy a first-time visitor, it can be a deal breaker for a regular who’s sick of the routine.

To avoid boring patrons, many artists are switching to hosting their exhibitions on private yachts. This option is hands down the most versatile, since Adeline’s Sea Moose is the only yacht this size who runs charters down the Chicago River. By circling around Navy Pier, we provide a unique highlight of the best sights of Chicago. Users get to enjoy epic views of the city skyline, North Avenue Beach and the Shedd Aquarium.

This delightfully diverse voyage is the main advantage of hosting an art exhibit on a yacht. Nothing is more invigorating than mixing art with a luxurious trip on the water. It’s a trend that’s well worth indulging in, so book with us to discover why Chicago’s top artists are jumping onboard!