Best Birthday Party Boat Rental in Chicago

The Best Birthday Party Boat Rental in Chicago

We’ve all done the paint and sip parties, the brewery and beer garden takeovers, and the fancy dinners in the crowded restaurants. And there’s nothing wrong with that! These are all fun options to get your loved ones together to celebrate your life. 

But for this next birthday, why not shake things up a bit

With a birthday party boat rental, you get to combine all of the best elements of other parties and ditch the things that aren’t as great, like the large crowds of intrusive strangers. Take the delicious food, fun drinks, and your friends and relatives and sail away!

Whether it falls on a Tuesday or a Saturday, Adeline’s Sea Moose is available for rent any day of the week, so you won’t have to wait. Adeline’s Sea Moose is absolutely the best birthday party boat rental in Chicago for your special birthday party occasion. 

Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider a birthday party boat rental in Chicago this time around: 

The sights

After leaving Burnham Harbor, the yacht will cruise north toward the Navy Pier, one of the most iconic areas in all of Chicago. Before it gets there, it’ll pass the planetarium, aquarium, museum, and Buckingham fountain. You’ll cruise past the pier before turning back. You and your friends can pose, drink in hand, at the end of the boat with the beautiful views of historical Chicago and the stunning skyline behind you. 

At every point, you’ll have picturesque views all around you. Normally, when you go sightseeing, you have to wait for strangers to pass before you can take a picture, you miss things because you’re driving or navigating, and you have to wait in line to get the best views. When you’re floating across the lake, none of these things matter. You can kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride on the best birthday party boat rental in Chicago. 


The privacy

As someone who has a deep aversion to crawling through crowds to order a drink, take a picture, or even just walk to the next location sometimes, a bit of privacy on a special occasion is incredibly valuable to me. When you rent out Adeline’s Sea Moose, the only passengers are the crew, you, and the people that you choose to bring along. 

Explore the ship to find Instagram-worthy selfies contrasting with the Chicago skyline; lounge in the cozy seats inside or by the front of the boat; eat, drink, and be merry! It is your birthday, after all. Bonus points if you choose the right time of day to enjoy the sunset out on the water. 

The stories 

 Not only will everyone appreciate that you came up with such a creative, fun, relaxing, and private way to celebrate your birthday, but you’ll also all have stories to share with everyone else after the day is done. You’ll inspire jealousy on social media and in the office when they all hear about the way you took your birthday party to the next level and gave everyone an unforgettable experience. 

With four levels and 68 feet to explore, you’ll enjoy panoramic views while you dine and swap stories in the most luxurious fashion imaginable. You and your guests will create memories that will last a lifetime, and the next time you all get together, this will be the story everyone wants to retell! Contact us to reserve the best birthday party boat rental in Chicago today!