Best Place to Throw a Private Boat Party in Chicago

The Best Place to Throw a Private Boat Party in Chicago

Chicago is the land of exciting activities. There’s the unbeatable pizza, countless walking tours, the famous Navy Pier, the iconic metallic bean, and so much more. It’s a city full of beauty, art, history, and comradery. One of the best things about it is its proximity to Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, both of which are perfect for throwing a private boat party aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose. This expansive, luxurious yacht rental is ready when you are. 

We’ve all considered the idea of a private boat party in Chicago for all of the typical, exciting occasions like birthdays, weddings, and informative tours. But what many of us haven’t considered is how many other unique and interesting reasons there are to throw a private boat party in Chicago. This fun party alternative truly lets you get creative!

Here are a few of our favorite unique, alternative ideas for throwing a private boat party in Chicago: 

A super festive floating holiday 

We all love to get together with our friends and families around the holidays to eat, drink, and laugh together. Each year, someone volunteers to open up their home, cook or cater, and invite their loved ones to come celebrate. This year, you can be the MVP of the holiday party by suggesting a private boat party in Chicago instead! From the food and drinks to the 360°views and the customizable space, you’ll have everything you need. 

Adeline’s Sea Moose is available from May 1st through October 31st, so Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ Eve won’t be a possibility, but those are the ones you’ll want to spend by a cozy fireplace anyway. You and your loved ones can enjoy a private boat party on or around Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Labor Day, or Halloween! Our personal favorite would be a floating costume party, but each option would be exciting, unique, and unbelievably picturesque. Break out the bubbly and the decorations, it’s time to celebrate. 

A memorable dinner party 

We’ve all been to a dinner party or two, so by now, we know that they can be hit or miss. The idea is a great one, what’s not to love about dinner with the people that you care about? But the execution isn’t always that simple. Planning a dinner that everyone will enjoy, making sure it’s ready on time, cleaning and creating enough space, and inviting the right people can all be challenging. Sometimes, dinner burns, arguments begin, and what started as a nice thought ends as an uncomfortable scene. 

When you choose a private boat dinner party in Chicago instead, each of these issues disappears! You’re no longer responsible for cooking, planning, choosing, or shopping, and no one can fight with Chicago’s stunning skyline floating by! Let us handle the details of your dinner party for you, so all you have to do is get everyone there and thoroughly enjoy your night. This will be one dinner party that won’t end in disaster. All of your guests will remember it forever, snag incredible pictures, and enjoy a unique night out. 

A game night or murder mystery 

We’ve saved this one for last because it’s one of our favorites! Game nights and murder mystery parties have become really popular in recent years. Most people love them, from card games (family-friendly or drink-based) and team challenges to clues and interrogations, no matter what game style you and your guests prefer, it’ll be extra special aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose! 

All you have to do is gather your players and games, and climb on board. We’ll handle the food, drinks, and incredible views. You’ll enjoy your game night in a luxurious, comfortable, and private setting, with plenty of places to sit or mingle, take pictures, and solve mysteries. We can also help you decorate the boat to match your theme, so gather your gear and get ready!