Best Proposal Spots in Chicago 2019

Enchanted by the possibilities of getting married, millions of Americans propose to their partners every year. While the national marriage average has declined slightly, it’s done nothing to dampen this booming industry. Now that adults are waiting longer to get married, they are able to properly invest in making this crucial moment even more memorable. Over 22% of Americans polled are passionately in love, which is setting the stage for even more proposals. Faced with a growing demand, venues are scrambling to accommodate a new generation of lovers.

For those who are planning on popping the big question, countless proposal ideas come to mind throughout Chicago. This isn’t surprising, since love is in the air. December is the most popular month for proposals, and something about the holidays makes people focus on starting a family. Even though this seasonal trend is enticing, waiting for warm weather is the best choice in Chicago. Due to our harsh winters, more proposal options are available when things warm up. Fortunately, now is the perfect time to plan ahead for making the proposal in Spring. 

Out of all the ways to propose in Chicago, one luxurious addition is stealing the show. While many couples propose in the same cliché attractions, others are upping the ante by adding private yachts to the equation. At Adeline Sea Moose, we provide an extravagant alternative to traditional proposal sites in Chicago. From live musicians to custom flower arrangements, we go the extra mile to set the perfect backdrop. Our knowledgeable staff participate in the buildup to the proposal, which helps make the question even more surprising. 

Even for those who have a different proposal setting planned, Adeline’s Sea Moose is the perfect way to wrap up the evening. Thanks to our strategic location, we are easily incorporated into the most revered proposal sites in Chicago. To highlight our versatility, we compiled a list of the best places to propose in Chicago. Each area has its advantages, so discover which potential proposal site is right for you!

Top Places to Propose in Chicago

Proposal Idea #1: Buckingham Fountain

Boasting a unique design and over $2.8 million in renovations, this is one of Chicago’s most hypnotic attractions. While the size of the fountain is impressive, its design is even more complex. Inspired by the Latona Fountain in the Palace of Versailles, Buckingham Fountain adds an American twist to a European classic. Its design represents Lake Michigan, and the four sets of sea horses embody the states bordering the lake.

Even though the fountain operates all year long, there are plenty of reasons to wait till Spring. On top of having better weather for strolling around the park, this fountain comes alive at the end of March. From April to October, Buckingham Fountain is complemented by daily water and light shows. These breathtaking attractions make it one of the most captivating areas of the city. 

Even though it’s nestled in Grant Park, Buckingham Fountain is still visible from Monroe Harbor. This close proximity to the water provides the perfect way to introduce your fiancée to our yacht. After the photos are taken by our professional photographers, everyone can head onboard. Our charters are unforgettable, so enjoy a rare view of Chicago’s most beloved landmarks!

Proposal Idea #2: Millennium Park

After seeing its vast amount of novelties, it’s easy to imagine that this park was created by renowned architect Frank Gehry. Thanks to its strategic location, this immense park is one of the most versatile places to propose in Chicago. From multiple pavilions to lush green spaces, there’s plenty of unique places to choose from. 

This gorgeous park hosts multiple concerts and events, so creating a proposal backstory has never been easier. It’s also close to the waterfront, which makes it the ideal jump off point for a rendezvous on our yacht. We provide photography and transportation, so there’s no limit to where we can explore. Enhance your Millennium Park proposal with a private charter around Chicago.

Proposal Idea #3: Shedd Aquarium

Boasting a wide range of activities, this sprawling aquarium is the perfect setting for a lighthearted proposal. On top of being home to over 32,000 fish, their 3-million-gallon Oceanarium features an impressive range of animals. From dolphins to sea lions, this venue showcases the untamed beauty of nature. 

This epic selection of wildlife is complimented by a symphony of modern architecture. While the Museum Campus is impressive, it can’t compete with the city’s skyline. Shed Aquarium is located right on the waterfront, which makes it the perfect attraction to compliment with a yacht. There’s no reason to limit your proposal to land, so celebrate this life-changing decision on Adeline’s Sea Moose!