Best Venue to Have a Rehearsal Dinner

The price of hosting weddings is growing every year, which is making quality rehearsal dinners essential. On top of giving couples time to prepare, rehearsal dinners provide an intimate introduction to the upcoming ceremony. Given how big of an investment weddings are; clients want to make them count. Every year 2.3 million American couples spend over $72 billion on weddings. That breaks down to 6,200 weddings a day that cost an average of $20,000 each.

While these figures are impressive, Chicago weddings manage to outdo most of the nation. Costing an average of $60,035, Chicago is the fourth most expensive city to get married in America. That’s three times the national average, and this hefty price tag has couples putting an extra emphasis on rehearsal dinners. While Chicago’s breathtaking scenery is easily worth the investment, a well-planned rehearsal dinner guarantees that a great event becomes extraordinary. Faced with this inescapable fact, every year thousands of couples search for a more memorable place to kick off their wedding introduction.

Out of all the places to host a rehearsal dinner in Chicago, none embody the required etiquette more than private yachts. Boasting breathtaking presentations and an unlimited amount of potential amenities, yachts provide the luxurious touch that clients deserve. At Adeline’s Sea Moose, we go the extra mile to make our wedding packages unforgettable. From hanging stringed lights to lighting candles, no detail is overlooked when creating the perfect setting.

Our yacht has successfully hosted countless rehearsal dinners for a wide variety of clients. This exposure has given us valuable insight on what makes a rehearsal dinner memorable. To highlight how our readers can enjoy the event of a lifetime, we compiled a rehearsal dinner checklist that’s tailored for Chicago. Utilizing these tips will revolutionize your night, so prepare to be inspired by this list!

Chicago Rehearsal Dinner Checklist

Tip #1: Keep It Casual

Due to their profound impact, weddings are the most formal events of our lives. This process is the celebration of family unity, so the rehearsal dinner should be an upbeat introduction. From the dress code to the seating arrangement, try to keep it as fluid as possible. Everyone is going to maintain twelve hours of elegance the following day, which is why this dinner needs to be enjoyable. Fortunately, being casual doesn’t mean letting quality go to the wayside.

At Adeline’s Sea Moose, we provide a luxurious balance between formality and leisure. From the black linen to high-end flower arrangements, its no secret that this is a special occasion. Our furnished salon area boasts high-end dining options that are complemented by a top-shelf open bar. Once everyone has gotten acquainted, they can enjoy 360 degree views of the entire city from our clear topped Fly Bridge. This spectacular presentation is accompanied by multiple potential add on packages that guarantee attendees have the time of their lives.

Tip #2: Choose a Fun Theme

Wedding themes rarely vary, which is why rehearsal dinners are the perfect time to defy tradition. Our décor and seating options are endless, and we can make any request come to life. The cocktail menu can be themed, which allows our talented bartenders to showcase their creativity. On top of unforgettable decorations and beverages, the setting is complemented by our full access to music. Adeline’s Sea Moose can accommodate any digital sound system, which allows music to be heard in every area of the yacht. The only limits are your creativity, so contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Tip #3: Treat Yourself

Rehearsal dinners unite the most important people of the event, which is why they are the prime place to impress. While the wedding aims to accommodate everyone, rehearsal dinners are all about the inner circle. For this reason, there’s no reason to hold back. While simply being on a yacht is impressive, there are plenty of ways a to make an even bigger impression.

When it comes to entertainment, we manage to outdo the competition. Adeline’s Sea Moose is the only licensed charter yacht in Chicago with onboard swimming options. This extra package provides a fun way for guests to enjoy their last night before the big event. This exclusive charter route sails straight to the PlayPen before anchoring down for multiple hours of wild entertainment. From giant party floats to a complimentary champagne bar, this is easily our most breathtaking add-on option. We have special insurance and a highly trained crew, which makes this indulgence too tempting to ignore.

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