Celebrate Your 30th Birthday with a Chicago Party Yacht

How to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday with a Chicago Party Yacht

Everyone says that your 30s are when your life really starts coming together. The restlessness you went through in your 20s is fading, you’re discovering who you are inside and out, and you’re waltzing into an exciting new decade. The outdated “tradition” of feeling old when you turn 30 is in the past. 30 is now an exciting occasion to celebrate, permission to live your life to the fullest, and an excellent milestone for marking progress. 

We all know that 30th birthday celebrations are basically a necessity. But what’s the best way to mark the occasion? Brunch is too mundane, dinner and drinks are overdone, and none of it is exciting enough for celebrating your official passage into adulthood. The answer: celebrate your 30th birthday with a Chicago yacht party on Adeline’s Sea Moose. 

Here’s how: 

Get all of your friends together for a super unique celebration 

First, inform the friendships you spent the first two decades of your life cultivating that they’re in for the birthday bash of a lifetime! You and up to 44 of your invited guests will get to sail smoothly across lake Michigan, enjoy incredible sights, play games, listen to music, and lounge in style while the happy, friendly staff at Adeline’s takes care of everything else. 

There will be no pushing through crowds, waiting in lines, fighting for parking spots, or paying cover charges here. When you celebrate your 30th birthday with a Chicago yacht party, you can make it anything you want it to be. And whatever that is, it’ll be exclusive to you and the people you care about most. 


Toast to the big birthday 

Somewhere along our cruising route, you’ll want to take a moment and toast to “Dirty 30”. From Buckingham Fountain to the Navy Pier, you’ll have plenty of gorgeous backdrops to choose from for the big moment. Grab a beer or a mimosa, thank your friends for being there to celebrate with you, and watch the incredible sights and gorgeous Chicago skyline float by. 

You and your guests will love having the chance to see Chicago from a unique and unbeatable angle. With no crowds to fight through, you’ll enjoy unimpeded access to the best views in the city. Your selfies have never looked so good. Your 30th birthday on a Chicago yacht cruise will be one that you’ll always remember.

Enjoy all our luxurious private yacht has to offer 

One of the best things about our beautiful yacht is its versatility. We have add-on packages for swimming, open bar, lunch, dinner, and overnight stays. We carefully and thoughtfully build each package from scratch for our clients because we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all celebrations. We want your event to be as unique as you are. 

Each guest that steps foot aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose will enjoy the four levels of entertaining space, padded seating for mingling or soaking up the sun, panoramic views, a sun deck, breakfast nook, and dining area. There are also TVs that can be used to play DVDs or music. From there, the rest is up to you!