Neesha bhagats private yacht birthday on Adeline's Sea Moose

Happy Birthday Neesha! The Chicago Private Yacht Rentals staff and crew of Adeline’s Sea Moose wish to thank you for the opportunity to provide a private skyline charter for your birthday party.

To one and all…
… it was our pleasure to be of service and we look forward to having you aboard again.
Birthday Girl Neesha Bhagat
Gabi Starfield
Ryan Karnes
Becky Garland
Xan Tanner
Heather Engel
Zita Aradi
Anisa Shastri
Daven Shastri
Brad Zelinger
Andrew Faulkner
Patrick Nealon
Amrita Mainthia
Alexandra Barton
Will Leuchtenberger
Anita Mehrotra
Mere Reynolds
Evan Chasan
Abi Benudis
Anna Van Slyke
Amy Lehnert
Sam Burrows
Abby Place
Lewis Hangyal
Rob Mancino
Marie Lichtenberger
Kat Franklin
Nick Benenati

As you have experienced, Chicago Private Yacht Rentals Birthday Skyline Charter aboard the Adeline’s Sea Moose provides the privacy and pampering to be able to thoroughly enjoy yourself along with having the best views of Chicago’s lakefront.  We have also hosted Anniversaries and other Celebrations.

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