Chicago’s Best Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Chicago’s Best Sunset Cocktail Cruise

Chicago is an incredibly historic and picturesque city. What better way to take in the skyline, famous structures, and all other sights that the city has to offer than with a sunset cocktail cruise? Adeline’s Sea Moose is expansive, private, and affordable. Grab your friends or loved ones and get ready to take a magical and unforgettable cruise. 

From birthday parties to retirements and corporate retreats to architecture tours, thousands of people have been turning to private boat rentals to give them a fresh take on party-throwing. If you’re worried about putting on an event that feels too “been there, done that,” then we’ve got the answer for you. Call us today to find out when and how you can enjoy Chicago’s best sunset cocktail cruise! 

On top of all of the day-to-day events that you already know are a perfect excuse to book a sunset cocktail cruise, here are a few more that you may not have thought of yet: 

Rehearsal dinner

With so much to do leading up to the big day, who has the time, energy, or money to spend on coordinating a super fancy, over-the-top rehearsal dinner? All your friends and family care about is spending that time with you, preparing and celebrating. So, why not give them a celebration with views, pictures, and memories that they’ll never forget? 

There’s no better place to watch the sunset or capture incredible pictures than right on the top deck of Adeline’s Sea Moose. Your wedding pictures will surely take the cake, but these will be a close second. You also won’t have to worry about sharing a restaurant or bar with strangers, waiting in lines, or fighting for the attention of the people running the show there. When you step onto our deck at Adeline’s, you and your treasured guests are our one and only focus. 

Trivia night 

Whether you prefer trivia, a murder mystery, or some other game, a Chicago sunset cocktail cruise is the perfect location for a picturesque game night unlike any other. For your next friends or family get together, why not make it unique and unforgettable? You could even plan a fun Chicago scavenger hunt and give points out to whoever spots our most famous landmarks, buildings, and other items first. 

Let the laughs and drinks flow while you play games, mingle with the people you enjoy being around the most, and enjoy incredible panoramic views of one of the most famous cities in America. This will be a game night that will go down in history in your friend group! 


Speaking of friend groups, a sunset cocktail cruise is also the perfect way to celebrate a reunion. Whether it’s a clever, private, and way more fun alternative to your upcoming high school reunion or you just happened to catch an occasion when everyone will be back in the same town, this will be a night to remember. Share cocktails, swap stories, and enjoy each others’ company without having to fight through strangers or break the bank on renting out a venue! 

This would also be a great way to introduce all of the girls and guys in your wedding party, celebrate a combined bachelor and bachelorette party, or throw an incredible bridal shower or stag party. Any occasion that involves the gathering of friends, family, food, and drinks is one that can be celebrated with a sunset cocktail cruise aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose in Chicago!