Chicago Private Yacht Rentals, Inc.


Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words and that is so true in presenting the many ways Adeline’s Sea Moose can be of value to you and your business without leaving the dock.

To accommodate interest, Dockside Business availability (idle charter times) has been expanded. Please call for details and availability. (224) 601-0220

Closing the Deal Lounge Area with Wet Bar

Closing the Deal

360 Inspirational Generating Fly Bridge

Inspirational Fly Bridge

Well Appointed 68 foot Luxury Hospitality Suite and Entertaining Venue

Adeline's Sea Moose

Padded Sun Deck and Seating for Brainstroming

Padded Deck and Seating for brianstorming

Captivating Space to Make a Pitch

Captivating Space to Make a Ptich

Room to Serve-up a Victory Feast

Yacht buffet

First Mate Support Services are available:

  • Guest Welcoming Staff
  • Food and Beverage Catering
  • Bartender and Wait Staff
  • Ground Transportation
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