A Uniquely Exceptional Venue for making Very Memorable Events

We find that today, Non Profit Organizations are looking for unique venue’s to either attract new donors, deepen relationships with current donors or to show gratitude and appreciation to current donors as a thank you for everything they do.
Attracting New Donor’s – Our Unique Venue will attract your high asset, deep pocket donors that your charity needs on it’s side. You will get intimate 1 on 1 time to explain your Charities Mission, which you will never get with a banquet dinner, postcard or email. Nothing will show your new deep pocket donors how much you will appreciate them like treating them how they are used to being treated. 
High Asset Donor Events – Showing your appreciation to your high asset, deep pocket donors is a high priority for your charity.  By utilizing our Luxury Venue, you are getting 3+ hours of valuable 1 on 1 time in an intimate setting with an audience that is focused on your mission. Your event will attract and impress your deep pocket donors. Deepening your relationships and getting that 1 on 1 time is essential to your mission, utilizing our unique venue is best way to accomplish this.
Staff Appreciation Event – Your staff works hard, let them know you appreciate everything they do for your mission. We have the perfect venue for your staff to relax, have fun and enjoy themselves like never before. Inspire and Motivate your staff with our Staff Appreciation Event Package or put together an A La Carte Package, either way your staff will return to work refreshed and rarin to go.
Our Unique Venue is used by other Chicago Area Non Profits for multiple purposes as well, including LYDIA Home, United Relief Foundation, Children’s Hunger Fund, just to name a few,
“The cruise on the Sea Moose was a complete success and was our most lucrative fundraising event. We extended the invite to our top donor couples and encouraged them to bring a another couple as their guest. We had 3 hours of face-to-face time with donors and forged new relationships all while enjoying an afternoon on the lake. The cruise ultimately yielded gifts totally more than six-figures. We’ve held a cruise for each of the last 2 years and plan to continue doing so.” 
Jonn O. Blazey
Director of Development 
What we offer – Your goals are to attract new donors, deepen relationships and high asset donor appreciation, with this is mind we have event packages to meet your needs. 
Our event packages may include:
Premium Top Shelf Open Bar – Silent Auction / Raffle (cruise for 20 or overnight stay for 2) – Event Memories Hard Cover Book – Event Drone Video – Exquisite Catering Menu – Lifetime of Memories For Your Donor’s – Complete Event Packages – A La Carte Event Packages
** Overnight Stay is donated to your Charity
** Cruise for 20 is given as a discounted cruise and all money over and above cost of cruise goes to your charity.
We work very hard to make each event a success for our clients, so you don’t have too. When we have Yahoo, Pinterest, Alibaba on board, just to throw around a few names, you know that our Luxury Yacht is the Perfect Venue to cater to your High Asset Donors Life Style. 
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