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When a breakroom just won’t do and a public venue coming in contact with strangers is unavoidable doesn’t give you the intimate setting you’re looking for, then Adeline’s Sea Moose spacious 68′ feet of private luxury is the perfect choice to make your event absolutely unforgettable.

As a bonus, Adeline’s Sea Moose offers an exhilarating yachting experience and the best views of the Chicago skyline to help make your event even that more memorable.

Adeline’s Sea Moose crew is all about pampering and pleasing our clients and their guests. Our First Mate Services can take care of everything from handling food and bar services to working with vendors of your choice.

Jody McGee Client Event Coordinator
Chicago Private Yacht Rentals
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Our Chicago luxury corporate yacht charters offer a fantastic platform to impress potential clients, boost morale of employees and implement team building exercises in a unique and memorable setting. The spectacular backdrops, vibrant atmosphere and unparalleled service available on our crewed yachts are perfectly suited to industry networking, formal business meetings and hosting exclusive events, all delivered with a huge client impact!

Meetings & Conferences

Corporate yacht charters in Chicago have become increasingly popular with executives looking to organize important meetings or close a business deal away from the distractions of the office.

Our charter yacht provides the perfect opportunity to build relationships with clients and suppliers in complete comfort. A corporate yacht charter offers the perfect balance between business and pleasure in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Corporate Entertainment & Hospitality

Our Chicago based corporate yacht charters can be arranged as an incentive or reward program for top performing employees and to entertain existing or potential clients. It can also be ideal to encourage team bonding in an exhilarating atmosphere.

Team Building & Staff Incentives

Corporate yacht charters along Chicago’s famous lakefront are a great opportunity to improve colleague relationships and encourage team bonding. When it comes to rewarding top performing employees there is no better way to recognise their hard work and recent achievements than with a luxury yacht charter. High-achieving employees, along with their spouses and families will remember a luxury charter experience for a lifetime. This unique and

Nonprofit Donor and Fundraising

By creating a memorable experience, your high asset donor relationships are guaranteed to flourish. Board Members and non Profit leaders can use our evening charters to get 3 uninterrupted hours of face time while elegantly entertaining those important guests.

Being on a yacht with just enough space to roam around, but not enough to get lost in the crowd will provide you many opportunities to make impactful connections with your donor base. We all know how incredibly important it is to thank your donors for their commitment and generous donations. Adeline’s Sea Moose is a creative way to make sure to keep your guests interested, engaged, and experience your passions for the mission you set out to serve.

Dockside for Business and Pleasure

Adeline’s Sea Moose offers the perfect setting to impress potential clients, boost employee morale and conduct business in a contemporary and memorable setting. We have hotspot wifi and can accommodate projectors in our lounge if needed! Close important deals dockside over coffee and continental breakfast and celebrate a job well done with lunch, mimosas and an afternoon cruise!

Dockside for Business

Jody McGee Client Event Coordinator
Office: 224.301.8002   Mobile 608.438.3428
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