Experience a Private River Cruise in Chicago

Why Everyone Should Experience a Private River Cruise in Chicago

If you enjoy learning about different cities, there are a lot of different ways to get your cultural fix. Museum trips and walking tours are fun and informative, but there are only so many you can take before it starts to get old. If you’re ready for something new, we’ve got an idea for you. 

Private river cruises in Chicago are a great way to take in many interesting facts and see dozens of beautiful sights all in one place! There’s no better way to beat the crowds, get comfortable, learn about this famous city, and relax in luxury style. Better yet, with the best of the best architectural docent accommodating your exclusive group. 

Adeline’s Sea Moose offers Chicago private river cruises that are convenient, customizable, and spacious. There are multiple decks, a stocked bar, lounge areas in the open air and a highly effective speaker system. You and the guests of your choice will get to kick back and learn all about the history of the Chicago River and pass some of the most iconic landmarks the city has to offer, like Merchandise Mart, Marina City, Aqua skyscraper, and the Trump hotel, among others. It’s truly one of the best Chicago classic boat charters you should experience! 

Pack your bags and leave the shore behind on a private river cruise in Chicago. Here are a few of the best occasions to celebrate with a private river cruise in Chicago: 

An out of state visit 

Whether you’re here to see family or friends, traveling for business, or crossing a location off of your bucket list, Chicago is far too interesting a place to visit without learning about its history. You can make the most of your time here by skipping the lines and the crowds at the nearby museums, and get much of the same information on a private river cruise instead. 

This is an excursion you can enjoy with relatives, friends, co-workers, or as a solo trip! Adeline’s is comfortable, spacious, and the speaker system will allow you to hear facts about your surroundings from any spot on the boat. You’ll end your trip with a collection of fun and interesting historical facts and beautifully unique pictures from incredible angles, without having to fight your way through crowds to take them. 

A quiet and private birthday 

Sometimes, we just want a low-key, private, and calm celebration. A private river cruise in Chicago is the perfect way to celebrate with just the guests you choose and without it getting too big to handle. Chicago’s architecture and history are fascinating and this experience will feel like a birthday gift you’ve given yourself!

Whether you bring along two guests or forty, it’ll be a birthday you’ll never forget. The comfortable deck areas, spacious bars, padded sun deck, and cozy lounge spaces provide plenty of room for everyone to explore, settle in, and enjoy panoramic views of some of the most beautiful sights in the city. 

A festive and informative retirement gathering 

Retirement brunches, lunches, and dinners are traditional and sufficient, but they’re not very exciting. Aim for a fun, festive, unique and informative retirement gathering with a private river cruise in Chicago. The open air, drinks, and our informative on-board docents will give you an experience unlike any other. 

The best part: you’ll feel young again just staring out at the iconic office building that was featured in Ferris Bueller’s day off. This unique retirement party option will give you time to reflect and enjoy a private gathering with your favorite people.