How Much Does a Wedding on a Boat Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding on a Boat Cost?

There are few things in this world that are more magical than a wedding. Families and friends are coming together to celebrate two special people, toast to the start of a beautiful new chapter, and dance the night away! You’re making memories with your loved ones that will last a whole lifetime

But there is one thing that comes along with this wonderful celebration that isn’t so magical: the bill. Most couples come to the realization pretty early on in the planning process that traditional weddings are insanely expensive. In fact, the average wedding cost in the U.S. is reported to be around $30K. 

With more couples than ever paying for their own weddings (or at least the majority of it), this much money can be a major setback. It can cut into savings for a down payment on a home, the start or growth of a family, the honeymoon, and retirement savings, among others. 

So, how do you plan an unforgettable and beautiful wedding without risking the health of your financial future? Consider having an intimate ceremony and reception aboard the private yacht rental in Chicago, Adeline’s Sea Moose, instead. Your perfect wedding reception cruise in Chicago stars here! 



While there is no single price for a wedding event, there are several indicators and factors you can consider when answering the question, how much does a wedding on a boat cost? Renting out a private yacht for your wedding ceremony will depend on guest count, time frame and length, distance & route, the kind of food or Hors D’oeuvres you might want to serve, and enhancements you might want to include. Also think about if you want to hire a wedding planner or coordinator, that can be a tremendous help! Moreover, you’ll want to consider your vendors, these might include wedding florists, photographer, wedding cake designer, any venue decorations (some people go the extra mile and curate specialized balloon spread which can cost quite a bit!) These are just some examples, but you can be sure our staff and managers will work with you individually to meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations. You’ll be sure that all pictures, the ceremony, dinner, and your super unique wedding reception will turn out to be exactly what you hoped for and more!  

Whatever you choose to add to your Adeline’s extravaganza, you’ll still save thousands of dollars without sacrificing any quality. In fact, it’ll be even more luxurious, unique, and intimate than any other land-based venues. You’ll enjoy an unforgettable, customizable, flexible, and exclusive small wedding on a boat that you and your guests (up to 45) will never forget.


This 68-foot yacht is staffed with friendly, professional, and knowledgeable staff. They’re here to ensure a smooth, fun, and beautiful wedding celebration out on the water, complete with stunning views of Chicago’s extraordinary skyline. There are two levels of entertaining space on the yacht, along with a full bar, a large deck, and plenty of places to lounge. 

The open-air upper deck will provide absolutely gorgeous views off all of the best sights in Chicago, including the Navy Pier, where many couples choose to position themselves for the ceremony. The lights along the boardwalk and the Ferris wheel provide a backdrop for photos that is purely magical. This is just one option of many for unbeatable wedding photos and views!

While the cost savings and the incredible views are some of the best things about this non-traditional wedding option, the customizability and privacy are close behind. Many traditional venues will limit how much you can decorate, but because Adeline’s Sea Moose is a mid-sized, private venue, you can personalize just about anything you like. We want your wedding day to be everything you’ve been dreaming of. And for the same reasons, you can cross privacy off of your list of concerns, too. There will be no strangers accidentally wandering into your ceremony, only close friends and trusted loved ones. Call us today to share your vision with us and see how much fun you can have with an intimate wedding aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose!

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