How to Celebrate Anniversary in Chicago

Out of all the places to celebrate an anniversary, none are more captivating than Chicago. Over 60.8 million couples live in America, which is a noticeable increase from the 45.47 million couples in 1970. Even though a lower percentage of the population is getting married, another demographic is closing the gap. Clocking in at 18 million, the number of Americans living with an unmarried partner is on the rise. This trend transcends all ages, since both younger and older couples are moving in together. Chicago is no exception, since its romantic setting has inspired millions of residents to fall in love.

The staggering amount of couples living in and around Chicago set the stage for countless anniversaries. It doesn’t matter if you have been living under the radar together or are formally married, relationships are always something to celebrate. This widespread sentiment makes couples frantically search for the perfect anniversary venues in Chicago every year. While the number of high-end restaurants and bars are endless, only one venue manages to steal the show for couples. By exceeding expectations where other establishments fail, private yachts became the hottest trend for Chicago anniversaries.

Out of all the yachts in Chicago, none have hosted more anniversaries than Adeline’s Sea Moose. Throughout the years, we have created the perfect setting for couples of all ages and backgrounds. From huge parties to personal escapes, each guest gets access to the experience of a lifetime. These action-packed years of experience have given us valuable insight on what really makes anniversaries special. To showcase what we have learned, we compiled a list of tips for celebrating anniversaries in Chicago. Implementing these ideas will make your special night even more memorable, so prepare to get inspired!

Chicago Anniversary Checklist

Tip #1: Pick a Versatile Venue

While going to multiple places during celebrations is exciting, there are ways to experience the best of both worlds. By avoiding land-based venues, couples get access to the freedom of the open water. At Adeline’s Sea Moose, we pride ourselves on providing multiple faucets of Chicago’s highlife. From charters to 5-star dining, we consolidate everything our client’s want into one superb setting.

Even for those who aren’t staying overnight, our yacht is the perfect jump-off point. On top of being located right next to downtown Chicago, we offer multiple transportation options. Adeline’s Sea Moose is the only charter in Chicago that offers destination drop-offs, which gives our clients the freedom to explore the city. Anniversaries revolve around providing a much-needed break from the routine, so defy limitations by celebrating on a yacht!

Tip #2: Choose Unique Themes

When it comes to flexibility, private yachts steal the show. From the décor to varying levels of extravagance, our yacht is ready to host the perfect night. One of our most popular anniversary add-ons is sommelier-guided wine tasting. This delightful experience allows guests to enjoy some of the finest wines available under the guidance of an expert. Our sommeliers take the moment to the next level with the perfect balance of personality and professionalism. Wine tasting can be done in large groups or with a few couples, so add an intoxicating touch to the night!


Tip #3: Get Some Privacy

Spending time alone can be a surprisingly difficult goal in the city. While Chicago is filled with lavish attractions, many fail to provide the privacy that their clients deserve. Even in restaurants and high-end hotels, interruptions are inescapable in a bustling metropolis.

Fortunately, clients have a luxurious alternative to the normal pitfalls of the city. Instead of setting yourself up for disappointment, book an exclusive night on a private yacht. By requesting a private table just for two, our guests get to float downstream without any interruptions. No other place within city limits boasts this much privacy, so take advantage of the endless possibilities of the open water!