Modern Boat Cruise Wedding Receptions

Modern Wedding Receptions on a Boat

Out of all the stages of a wedding ceremonies, none are more treasured than wedding receptions. These private parties allow the bride and groom’s friends and family to unite for a final celebration. Despite starting as meager get-togethers in American brides’ homes, wedding receptions changed drastically after WWII. During the 20thcentury, renting dance halls gradually became an affordable alternative for middle-class couples. This trend allowed average Americans to start indulging in banquets and lavish celebrations that were previously reserved for the extremely wealthy.

As wedding receptions became more elaborate, they evolved into a crucial part of the wedding ceremony. While the traditions practiced at wedding receptions vary wildly, there’s no denying their importance in modern weddings. Today wedding receptions account for over 50% of what couples spend on their wedding budget. From live performances to breathtaking rental locations, in the US alone these celebrations fuel a $72 billion wedding industry. Even though they have come a long way from their humble beginnings, there are always ways to improve your wedding reception.

To avoid hosting cliché wedding celebrations, a growing number of couples are renting private yachts. This often overlooked option boasts a series of advantages over traditional venues. At Adeline’s Sea Moose, you can host your most unique wedding receptions on a boat. When planning a boat cruise wedding reception, our staff goes the extra mile to make sure every detail is taken care of with unforgettable attentiveness. Over the years we have hosted countless boat cruise wedding receptions and have managed to make each one unique. To showcase what really makes wedding receptions on a boat special, we listed the top reasons to celebrate on a private yacht. There’s nothing more romantic than the open water, so discover why you should book with us for your boat cruise wedding reception.



Top Advantages of Hosting a Boat Cruise Wedding Reception

Advantage #1: Exclusive Setting

While ritzy ballrooms are nice, it doesn’t get more exclusive than hosting a boat cruise wedding reception on a yacht. Our 68-foot vessel can comfortably accommodate up to 45 guests, which provides an intimate setting for the inner circle. By cutting down the number of attendees, couples get to splurge on those who matter the most to them. Between the weekly fireworks shows at Navy Pier and seeing the moon reflect off the water, no other venue in Chicago provides a more breathtaking and private atmosphere! Having complete exclusivity is vital in hosting wedding receptions on a boat.

Advantage #2: Tailored Cuisine

Out of all our yacht’s features, the robust amount of dining options is the biggest treat. Guests at Adeline’s can enjoy our salon gallery buffet and choose between an epic selection of catering options. Exquisite packages from Harry Cary, Sunda, Lou Malnati’s and the Chicago Chop House are all available for guests to choose from. Have other ideas or desires? Our event coordinators will work with you to bring your sought-after meal to your boat cruise wedding reception. There is no limit to what we can execute! While these options are impressive, they can’t compete with what our talented chefs can create. Their culinary masterpieces have impressed countless clients, so contact us to plan the meal of the year for wedding receptions on a boat.

Advantage #3: Breathtaking Photo-shoots

On top of being an unbeatable setting, celebrating on a private yacht sets the stage for some gorgeous pictures. Imagine looking back to these memories of a lifetime during wedding receptions on a boat. Between the calm appearance of the water and the unique vantage points of Chicago’s skyline, there’s almost too many details for a photo to do it justice. Fortunately, our talented photographers know how to capture the essence of elegant wedding receptions on a boat. There’s no better way to preserve the memories, so add a jaw-dropping touch to your photos with our yacht.

Advantage #4: Exceptional Liquor Service

At Adeline’s, the last thing guests have to worry about is if there will be enough drinks. This is due to the fact that our vessel is equipped with a full service wet bar. Between top shelf cocktails and a constant flow of champagne, our superb liquor service provides plenty of reasons to celebrate. Custom cocktails can be created to fit the event, so explore our options to see what’s possible. We believe all wedding receptions on a boat should be personalized and customized, even down to bar menus.

Advantage #5: Exceptional Dance Options

Part of hosting an unforgettable wedding reception on a boat is providing the perfect place for guests to let loose. At Adeline’s Sea Moose, attendees get to enjoy a welcome escape from the city in the city. From the fly bridge to the lounge area, every part of our yacht is equipped with a high-end stereo system. This constant connection to the music allows guests to indulge in their favorite songs while soaking in the scenery. Our deck effortlessly converts into an intimate dance floor, so give your loved ones a taste of the high life on your boat cruise wedding reception.