Nautical Themed Baby Showers

Baby Shower Venues Chicago for Nautical Themed Baby Showers

When searching for places to host a nautical themed baby shower, no city stands out more than Chicago. Situated right on Lake Michigan and boasting direct access to multiple waterways, Chicago is the bridge between various parts of America. The Chicago River connects the Midwest to the Mississippi River, which extends the city’s reach all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. This profound impact on America’s transportation wouldn’t have been possible without the innovation of Chicago’s top engineers. For this reason, it’s no secret that Chicago is the ideal place to host the nautical celebration of a lifetime.

Out of all the potential baby shower venues in Chicago to host a baby shower, only one option truly captures the essence of the open water. At Adeline’s Sea Moose, we provide all the perks of celebrating on a private yacht. With four levels of entertainment space and two lounges, no vessel is better prepared to exceed client’s expectations than Adeline’s. To showcase what’s available, we compiled a list of ideas for nautical themed baby showers. These options are proven to make an impression aboard our unique bay shower venue Chicago, so discover how to experience the highlife in style!

Best Ideas for a Nautical Themed Baby Shower at Yacht Baby Shower Venues in Chicago

Idea #1: Personalized Invitations –This is the first thing potential attendees see, which makes it a pivotal part of any baby shower. Give guests a memorable introduction to your event by sending out personalized invitation cards inviting them to unique baby shower venues Chicago. With this option, the only limitation is your creativity. Even if you are having trouble thinking of an idea, our talented designers are here to help. Throughout the years we have hosted countless baby showers, but that doesn’t stop us from making each invitation unique. Enjoy the perfect mixture of proven formats and flexible design with our personalized invitations!

Idea #2: Lavish Decorations –Out of all the ways to set the tone for the party, this is the most crucial. While the nautical theme is already set in stone on a private yacht, a few additions can make the baby shower even more special. At Adeline’s, no detail gets overlooked. Our staff can personalize everything from the table setup to the wall decorations. Every baby shower requires proper décor, so let our experienced designers create the perfect setting at baby shower venues Chicago.

Idea #3: Sailor Themed Cocktails –When it comes to planning the perfect party, a solid selection of drinks is essential. Our bartenders have an entire top shelf bar at their disposal, which allows them to make some truly impressive creations. From Anchors Away to Sea Breeze, no nautical themed cocktail is too complex for our extensive liquor services. Aside from superb adult beverages, we also offer an equally creative lineup of alcohol-free drinks. This allows guests of all ages to get in the spirit on the open water. The sky is the limit when choosing drinks, so feel free to explore our options.

Idea #4: Plenty of Seafood –No nautical party is complete without a generous spread of seafood. Indulge in everything the ocean has to offer with our diverse dining options. While our catering choices are impressive, the real attraction is our talented private chefs. Their versatility allows us to cater exclusively to each client’s unique tastes. Between exquisite four-course meals and sushi spreads, the cuisine we provide is limitless. This fluid selection gives clients an intimate role in the planning process. Enjoy an unrivaled level of participation by choosing the perfect meal with our chefs!

Idea #5: Incorporate a Charter –While being docked in Burnham Harbor is an elegant touch, it can’t compete with roaming the open water. From architecture to Chicago River tours, our robust catalogue of charters is bursting at the seams with options that can accommodate any taste. Through strategic planning, our expeditions can end with the weekly fireworks show that’s hosted at Navy Pier. This grand finale provides a breathtaking touch to any event, so contact us to plan a baby shower that’s unforgettable!