Smaller Yacht Rentals Chicago

Ways to Enjoy Smaller Yacht Rentals in Chicago

Sometimes, when you choose oversized yachts meant for crowds in the hundreds, you’ll have to share the space with other people. Massive, sprawling yachts can feel overwhelming whether they’re full or empty. When you’re looking for something more private, personal, and comfortable; a smaller yacht rental in Chicago like Adeline’s Sea Moose is the way to go! 

Whether you’re getting ready for a private party, celebration, or just a day away, Adeline’s Sea Moose has everything you need. This yacht rental has all of the benefits of bigger yachts with the customer-focused, affordable price, and cozy accommodations that only come with smaller ones. You can decorate as you choose, pick a theme for the trip, and create your own cruise route, too! You’ll have four levels of private space to explore and enjoy for as long as you stay. 

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Here are a few ways to enjoy a smaller yacht rental in Chicago: 

A Lowkey, Beautiful Birthday Celebration 

Some birthdays call for all-out celebrations; rowdy crowds, loud music, and even a few unrecognizable faces – the more, the merrier. Other birthdays call for unique and intimate celebrations enjoyed with just your closest friends and family. For these birthdays, there’s no better place to celebrate than on Adeline’s Sea Moose. You can invite up to 44 other people and spend the day floating along the breathtaking Chicago skyline. 

A Few Close Friends Have a Blast on This Smaller Yacht Rental in Chicago

Add a theme, decorations, and maybe even a costume or two and you’ve got a birthday celebration like no other! Make it a murder mystery birthday or have everyone dress as a character from your favorite TV series. The options are endless! And the best part: when you rent a smaller yacht in Chicago, your celebration will be both scenic and completely private. No fighting through crowds, waiting for the bathroom, or paying for parking. 

An Informative Tour For the Curious and Adventurous 

Whether you’ve made Chicago your home base or you’re planning a visit, this is a city worth exploring. With a rich history, incredible architecture, and something to see at every turn, smaller yacht rentals in Chicago give you a unique and unbeatable view. This is the perfect getaway for anyone feeling curious or adventurous (or both!) You’ll love our lake and river tours with our friendly and knowledgeable docents. They can be heard anywhere on the yacht through our incredible sound system, so it’ll be nothing like those stuffy museum tours where you wait at the end of a long line and struggle to see or hear what the tour guide is saying!

A Festive and Unforgettable Friends’ Night Out

A Smaller Sunset Cruise

Time spent with friends or family is always time well-spent. If you’re looking for a festive and unique way to spend the next friends’ trip, Adeline’s smaller yacht rental in Chicago is the perfect place. We can comfortably accommodate groups of friends up to 45 people. And this space is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, reunions, game nights, murder mystery parties, or trivia nights! 

Give your party a theme, festive decorations, custom cocktail menus, and a constant, beautiful backdrop for a night no one will forget! Make it a Great Gatsby night with fancy suits, flapper dresses, and themed cocktails. Or create a Chicago-themed trivia night that ends with fun prizes. When you choose Adeline’s Sea Moose, you get plenty of space to explore, but not so much that it stops being cozy. Sun decks and swimming platforms, too. The options are endless!