Summertime Fun at Chicago’s Air and water Show (With a Yacht Party Twist!)

Summertime Fun at Chicago’s Air & Water Show (With a Yacht Party Twist!)

If you haven’t already heard of the annual Chicago Air and Water Show, you should take a moment to scroll through some Google images… We’ll wait! 

Now that you’re back (and super excited!), let’s talk about how you can get a view of the show that’s unlike any other. On August 15th and 16th this year (2020), the Chicago Air and Water Show will return to blow over a million minds with their incredible watercraft stunts and unbelievable aerial acrobatics. That’s right, we said a million. Let that sink in. 

This stunning show is hard to beat, considering it’s the largest free exhibition of its kind in the whole country. But it turns out that the crowds are hard to beat, too. The only way to get a decent view is to line up or steal a spot hours and hours (and hours and hours…) before the show starts. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck all the way in the back, straining your neck and trying not to step on the feet of the people a few inches to your left. 

If you wait too long, you won’t get a good view, but if you get there too early, you’ll be tired, hungry, cranky, and maybe even a little bit sunburnt by the time the show starts. So, what’s a fun-loving and adventurous guy or gal to do? The answer is obvious: have at it, your own Chicago Air and Water Show yacht rental party

Here are the best things about booking Adeline’s Sea Moose to watch the Chicago Air and Water Show with an unforgettable, yacht party twist: 

Panoramic views of the show

Floating on the lake, you’ll not only enjoy incredible, uninvaded, and comfortable views of the Chicago Air and Water Show, but you’ll also get panoramic views of the famous Chicago skyline. Everywhere you turn, there’s something worthy of a memory (and a picture or two, so you can share the view with everyone else) 

Cruise in comfort and style 

When you rent Adeline’s Sea Moose, you can kick back in the sun on the deck with a drink in your hand and music playing through the stereo system, watch the show, and not have to dump sand out of your shoes when it’s over. You won’t have to fight for a spot, worry about any of your personal items getting stolen when you go to the bathroom or squeeze past anyone to get back to the spot you carefully scoped out hours earlier. 

Complete privacy 

Another benefit of adding a yacht party twist to this year’s Chicago Air & Water Show is that, with Adeline’s, you get all four levels of entertaining space to yourself. You’ll get to enjoy the show away from the strangers and massive, rowdy crowds, and relax with just your invited guests (up to 45 passengers) and our friendly crew, instead. 

Our yacht gives you private, comfortable, and pampering amenities that you won’t get anywhere else for this show. From the top deck and the cozy seats to the bench in the sun and the fully stocked bar, you’ll have everything you need to make this day magical. Sneak away from the millions, steal a moment with your favorite people, and enjoy an unforgettable view.