The Best Chicago Party Boat Booze Cruise

The Best Chicago Party Boat Booze Cruise

Chicago is the perfect location for party boat booze cruises! Whether it’s for your first booze cruise or your fiftieth, the sights and sounds of a Chicago booze cruise are a must-have item on any bold and adventurous bucket list. Watch the waves crash, sunlight sparkle off of the water, and the beautiful sights cruise by for an adventure that’s only once in a lifetime if you let it be. Your own booze cruise Chicago can be at the famous playpen or cruise along Lake Shore drive. 

Bus tours and sky decks are outdated. Bars and expensive restaurants can be crowded and loud. But party boat booze cruises are the ultimate unique adventure method! You’ll have plenty of space to explore with only the people you choose to spend your time with, and in a way that they’ll never forget, too. Blast the music so everyone knows you’re having the time of our life on a Chicago party boat. And the best part is how many different occasions you can use to take advantage of them. 

No matter what you’re celebrating, let Adeline’s Sea Moose give you the most memorable Chicago party boat booze cruise available today. Here are just a few of the biggest reasons to take your celebration off of dry land:  

Bachelorette and bachelor parties

Wedding planning itself is an incredibly exciting experience, but there are a couple of different celebrations that come first. It’s hard to plan a bachelorette or bachelor party that the whole group will be excited about, but not when you plan a Chicago party boat booze cruise! Your bridal party will be absolutely thrilled to be a part of this super unique, picturesque, and exciting day or weekend trip. 

Far away from the noisy, crowded bar scene, you’ll get to enjoy views of the unforgettable Chicago skyline, the Navy Pier, and so much more. You’ll cruise along, share drinks, and create memories that will last a lifetime! Without the hefty expense of airfare and booking multiple excursions, you’ll spend less money and less time planning, and more time sharing drinks, laughs, and fun with your favorite people before your wedding. 


No matter what age you are, birthdays are always something to celebrate. Birthday brunches and cakes are fun and traditional ways to celebrate, but a Chicago party boat booze cruise is so much better! You can use your booze cruise to make your next birthday the most exhilarating and memorable one yet. 

Planning your birthday booze cruise is easier, more private, and much more fun than all of your land-based alternatives. For starters, Adeline’s can accommodate up to 45 guests, so you can bring along many more friends and relatives than you could have otherwise. Since Adeline’s is a private, mid-sized party venue, you can also decorate as you please! Get the balloons, confetti, and nautical gear ready; it’s time to party out on the lake. 

Fun and festive work party alternatives

Throughout the year, there are plenty of times that our jobs can be celebrated. There are anniversary parties, retirements, promotions, huge happy hours, holiday office gatherings, pot lucks, and employee appreciate days. Typically, these happen in the office or in a rented side room of a restaurant where most of the party gets forgotten about. 

Next time the managers are looking for more exciting and inclusive suggestions for the office party, do everyone a favor by recommending a Chicago party boat booze cruise! No one will miss the stuffy old office parties of the past. You and your excited co-workers can enjoy drinks, space to mingle, perfectly located speakers, unbeatable views, and lounging space in the open air.