Tips For Throwing An Amazing All White Yacht Party

Even though all white parties have popped up throughout history, they took on a new cause in the 20thcentury. Despite having origins that trace back as far as ancient Rome and Hong Kong, Chicago’s all white parties have a distinct story. The city’s first recorded celebration of this style was hosted by the renown businessman Chuck Renslow in 1974. While the party honored Renslow’s birthday, it went on to become a rallying call for gay rights across America. This was due to Renslow’s groundbreaking contributions to 20thcentury gay male culture. From founding the Gold Coast bar to pioneering homosexual photography, this openly gay American businessman ushered in a new style of festivities.

While all white parties spread throughout America, they captured a special place in Chicago culture. Over the years they transcended boundaries and became widespread for heterosexual revelers as well. In 1979, Chicago’s largest all white party was hosted at Navy Pier. This event united over 5,000 participants and officially made these parties a mainstream style of celebration. Today people of all beliefs and sexual orientations routinely indulge in this undeniably fun party theme. Even though white parties can be hosted at virtually any type of venue, one variation is stealing the show in Chicago.

Due to the many advantages of hosting on the open water on a private yacht, all white yacht parties has become a new favorite. At Adeline’s Sea Moose, guests get access to nothing but the most exquisite features that make your all white yacht party special. These luxurious touches create an environment that’s absolutely breathtaking. Over the years we have implemented this all white yacht party theme for corporate events countless times, which has given us some truly valuable insight. To showcase what makes all white yacht parties stand out, we compiled a list of industry insider tips. These facts are impossible to ignore, so don’t hesitate to schedule your all white yacht party of a lifetime at Adeline’s!

Tips for Hosting An Amazing All White Yacht Party

Tip #1: Customize the Drinks

When it comes to this type of party, one of the best places to highlight the white theme is with personalized cocktails. When onboard our yacht, guests get access to nothing but premium drinks. Armed with a full service wet bar, our talented bartenders have the perfect setting to create masterpieces. Scorpion, Goddaughter, Pumpkin Pie Martini, Ramos Gin Fizz and Arches of Rome are just a few of the all white cocktails we offer at your all white yacht party. With our top shelf liquor services, the drink options are endless. We also make personalized drinks, so contact us to pick the perfect additions for your all white yacht party this summer.

Tip #2: Provide Exquisite Cuisine

Another prime place to showcase the spirit of an all white yacht party is through the food and entrées. Fortunately, this is where our diverse dining options shine. From high-end catering to personalized dishes created by private chefs, guests get to pick how far they want to go. This wide range of choices gives our clients an extra layer of control over the cuisine. Every aspect of the food can be tailored for your all white yacht party, so feel free to explore our options and share with us your desires.

Tip #3: Escape the City

Even though Chicago is filled with high-end venues, none can compete with the versatility of our yacht. Instead of confining guests to one area, we take the celebration to the open water with a wide selection of charters. Our yacht is licensed to traverse the Chicago River, which opens up doors to some epic excursions. Between visiting casinos and soaking in Navy Pier’s fireworks shows, each charter is an experience. Discover the best voyage to incorporate into your all white yacht party by browsing through our website!