Ultimate Midnight Cruise in Chicago

The Ultimate Midnight Cruise in Chicago

In recent years, midnight cruises and booze cruises have become increasingly popular, especially in Chicago. After all, Chicago is a beautiful city. There’s something to look at everywhere you turn, and something to do or explore around every corner. Combining this wonderful city with an exciting and visually thrilling midnight cruise just makes sense!

You can plan your ultimate midnight cruise in Chicago aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose for any reason you choose, but here are a few of our favorite ideas for this special kind of midnight yacht party: 

A moonlit proposal 

We get sappy over any kind of proposal here at Adeline’s, but there’s something extra magical and special about some of them. And when you propose over the water on a midnight cruise in Chicago, what a unique, romantic, and beautiful story this will be. Today is already the day that you’ll give your significant other one unforgettable gift, so why not make it two? 

You’ll both get to watch the moonlight bounce off of the water, admire the famous skyline, and see all of the wonderful sights before you pop the question. And you’ll get bonus points if you plan the moment for when the twinkling lights of the Navy Pier are perking up your already near-perfect backdrop. This midnight cruise is one that you’ll never want to end, but it’s just the start of your happily ever after!

A unique bachelorette or bachelor party 

Adeline’s has hosted many parties, and the ones that have something to do with love are always our favorites. Celebrate your impending marriage with your best guys or gals in an incredibly unique and exciting way. This is one party that none of your guests will ever forget, and it’ll blow your sassy co-worker’s bachelorette brunch right out of the water. 

We all know that the most exciting bachelorette and bachelor party events start after the sun goes down anyway, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? You can escape the crowded bars, clubs, and restaurants and cruise along in style and privacy with just your invited guests instead. You can all play games, swap stories, watch the lights shine, and enjoy your time together instead of fighting through crowds and waiting in lines. 

A special birthday celebration 

If you’ve done the same dinner and cake for your significant other for the last few years in a row, it might be time to switch it up a bit. This is especially true if the upcoming birthday is a big one like 21, 30, 40; you get the picture. You can choose to take your ultimate midnight cruise in Chicago just the two of you or surprise them by inviting their closest friends and relatives. Either way, this birthday will be one for the books. 

No matter which method of celebration you choose, a midnight cruise takes a lot of the pressure off of your event. There’s no need to waste time hunting for parking at different places, battle crowds, stand in line, wait for a table to open up, or share space with strangers. Our luxurious private boat rental is perfect for whisking you away onto open waters, with comfortable seating, an expansive bar, 360-degree views, and incredible memories. 

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