What to do With Cremated Ashes

What to do With Cremated Ashes

At some point in each of our lives, we’ll have to face the tragic and disheartening loss of a loved one. Making the arrangements for memorial services, wakes, funerals, or cremations is a normal and healthy part of this process. It allows us the opportunity to gather with loved ones, remember and honor the ones we’ve lost fondly, and celebrate the time that they spent here with us. 

Traditional ceremonies are beautiful but somber events and sometimes they don’t fit the personality of the person who has passed. In recent years, laws and traditions have changed and a new option has emerged: the scattering of ashes. Scattering cremated remains is an innovative method for a memorable and beautiful send-off. 

Adeline’s Sea Moose provides the best service for scattering ashes on Lake Michigan in the beautiful and historic city of Chicago. Our vessel will charter you and your guests three miles offshore to perform the exclusive, intimate, and unique maritime memorial that your loved one deserves. Here are a few things to consider about this beautiful memorial alternative:

Let the water soothe you

Floating above Lake Michigan in Chicago is the perfect place to scatter cremated ashes. Attendees will feel at peace and gain closure with the details of the Chicago skyline providing a backdrop that emanates strength and security. The open water is soothing and comforting, which is ideal for this type of occasion. 

The sound of the waves on the open water, beautiful views, and exclusive service will provide a peaceful and calming experience for everyone involved. Smaller groups and larger families alike will find that this intimate option is preferable to all others. The high-end catering and beverage package options are the perfect addition to this day spent celebrating or reflecting on the life of your loved one after scattering their ashes in Lake Michigan Chicago. 

Customize your service 

Each ceremony is unique, which is why we allow our amenities and service options to be specifically and personally catered to each individual guest. We’ll overlook no detail, big or small, and work with you to allow you to mourn and say goodbye in your own way. We can provide flower arrangements and even beautiful white dove releases, all of which can be captured with our drone video should you like to include this service. We can also provide loving video archive for unattended ash scattering services. There are multiple service options available and we are here to discuss each one with you to decide which will be best for your individual needs, preferences, and budget. 

Maintain control over the details 

While Adeline’s will provide plenty of space, it is still small enough to feel exclusive and private. We can host up to 45 family members, so you will have complete control over who attends the memorial service. This is a nice option to have and isn’t usually available with traditional memorial service options. For close-knit groups and families, this is the main advantage, as it allows loved ones to gather without confronting the inconveniences of sharing this moment with strangers. 

Share stories, laughs, and tears with the people that are closest to you, without unwelcome intrusions. We can decorate as you please, create music playlists, enjoy inspiring and soothing views, and provide gorgeous flowers and thoughtful prayers, wishes, and stories for an unforgettable, peaceful, unique, and private memorial service. Just let us know what you need, we are here for you to assist in scattering ashes in Lake Michigan Chicago. 

Contact us today and share your vision with us, we’d be honored to come alongside you for this special occasion.