Why You Should Have a Small Boat Wedding in Chicago

Why You Should Have a Small Boat Wedding in Chicago

Weddings are beautiful and magical events. You’re getting ready to express your infinite love to your best friend in front of the other people you love and treasure the most. What could be better than that? 

Unfortunately, traditional weddings often come with insane expenses that add up fast and put a lot of financial pressure on the soon-to-be-newlyweds. The average cost of a wedding venue is skyrocketing year after year. When the costs go up, stress goes up. 

Sure, there are tons of ways that you can hack your wedding, like making some of the food yourself, deciding to DIY all of the decorations, table settings, and invitations, and racking up credit card charges to cover the venue and honeymoon. But these things will eat up all of your free time, add unnecessary pressure, and turn planning your special day into a chore list. 

The best way to hack your wedding is to get super creative and think outside of the box with your venue instead. If you cut down the biggest expense, everything else will naturally be more manageable, as well. My recommendation: a small boat wedding in Chicago with Adeline’s Sea Moose. 

Here’s why: 

It’ll force you to have a smaller wedding

When your old coworkers ask why they’re not invited even though you haven’t spoken in six years, you can just blame it on the size of your venue! “Sorry, guys, we can only bring 40 people with us and it’s mostly just family,” will be much more successful than uncomfortable silence or panicked explanations. You’ll avoid a lot of awkward conversations, save yourself tons of money, and you won’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

It also helps when it comes down to eliminating extra guests that may have been on the first draft list. In the past, it was common to let all single adult guests bring a plus one. But that’s not how it works anymore, especially when space is limited. Looking at you, 3rd cousin Joe and girlfriend of two weeks. You’ll not only cut down expenses but you’ll also look around at your wedding and only see faces you love, rather than a mix of loved ones and strangers. 

Your pictures will be incredibly unique 

When your closest friends and family are floating across Lake Michigan on a gorgeous private yacht, no one will miss the strategically placed gazebo or willow tree you’d find at a traditional venue. They’ll be too busy enjoying the happy couple and the serene Chicago skyline!

If you want to avoid having wedding pictures that look like most other couples’ wedding pictures, this is a great way to do just that! The best part: you can choose where to station the boat during the ceremony. Imagine the album you’d put together after a wedding ceremony stationed in front of the Navy Pier. The twinkling lights and Ferris wheel will add an extra level of magic to this already amazing occasion. 

You’ll enjoy much more privacy

Many wedding venues will have more than one event going on in the same day. When I was first engaged, I read horror stories about brides encountering strangers wandering into their space or having to wait to take pictures until the other party was done. On Adeline’s Sea Moose, you won’t have to worry about either of these things. 

The four-level indoor and outdoor space with two decks, a bar, and a lounge houses 40 guests of your choosing. You’ll have plenty of room to explore and mingle but you won’t have any intruders or strangers anywhere in your venue or your pictures for your small boat wedding.  It’s the perfect, intimate, private, and fully customizable venue to make your special day unique and absolutely unforgettable. Whether you’re looking to do a wedding reception on a boat, an overnight cruise for your small boat wedding in Chicago, we’ve got you covered!