Why You Should Have Your Wedding on Lake Michigan in Chicago

Why You Should Have Your Wedding on Lake Michigan in Chicago

More and more these days, creative couples are seeking out non-traditional ideas for their weddings. It may be about the never-ending guest list, the crippling costs, or the stress of planning all of the details of a traditional wedding. There are always the obvious ways around these problems: you could elope, plan a destination wedding, or DIY everything from the food to the decorations, but where’s the fun in any of that? 

Many non-traditional wedding options are still costly, require a lot of work, or cut out a large number of loved ones. Another problem is that most venues are booked more than a year in advance, so it can be incredibly difficult just a find one that you like, is available, and won’t break the bank or push your wedding back a year and a half. 

Our idea: have your wedding on Lake Michigan in Chicago instead! It’s a celebration, a promise, a beautiful view, and a vacation all rolled into one. The best part is that you can use that money and time that you saved to focus on the honeymoon, buying your first home, or starting a family instead. 

Here are just a few of the many reasons that our private yacht rental is the best option for your wedding on Lake Michigan in Chicago: 

It’ll save you thousands 

Traditional weddings cost an outrageous amount of money. When you choose to have your wedding aboard Adeline’s Sea Moose instead, you’ll save thousands of dollars. You won’t have to worry about headcounts, pesky hidden fees, or maxing out your credit cards. Your wedding will be beautiful, unique, and affordable. Even the most special and magical day of your life isn’t worth taking on crippling debt for, so why take the risk? 

A water top wedding on Lake Michigan in Chicago will save you enormous amounts of money, without asking you to sacrifice any of the quality. It’ll be an unforgettable, completely customizable, intimate, and picturesque day that you can be proud of! 

You’ll have access to countless incredible, private amenities 

Our friendly, professional and loving staff are here to make sure that you have everything you need to make your day perfect. The 68-foot yacht is ideal for up to 45 guests and it’ll give you plenty of space to mingle, take pictures, eat, drink, and dance the night away. There is plenty of entertaining space, cozy seats, a stocked bar, decks, and incredible views in every direction. Before your wedding begins, you can spend an hour in the bridal suite with your favorite people and a complimentary bottle of champagne while you get ready for your life to change in the best way possible.  

The customizable amenities and privacy that you’d never find at a traditional venue are two of the many things that make an Adeline’s wedding so magical. There will be no strangers to share space with, areas that are off-limits to your carefully chosen decorations, or other unreasonable inconveniences. You’ll have the entire venue to yourself, with plenty of time to celebrate, mingle, relax, take pictures, and enjoy the breathtaking Chicago skyline (when you can manage to tear your eyes away from your significant other, that is!)

You and your guests will never forget the details of your wedding day 

When you ask a married couple what they remember or treasure the most about their wedding day, it’s not the flowers on the trellis outside of the venue or the uncomfortable games the DJ made them play. They’ll describe the way their hearts fluttered when they said “I do,” how it felt to dance surrounded by everyone they love, and their favorite pictures. Aboard Adeline’s, your wedding on Lake Michigan will be indescribably unique, but you and your guests will continue to try! 

Now, we’ve saved the best for last. When you have your wedding on Chicago’s Lake Michigan, you get to choose where you want to stop for your ceremony. Our recommendation: in front of the Navy Pier. The pier’s iconic Ferris wheel and beautiful twinkling lights will give you one of the most unique, unbelievable, and unbeatable backdrops you can find anywhere. You can also take a look at the other sights along our typical cruising route to see what backdrop you’d like the best. The options are endless and the day is entirely yours!