Why You Should Host Business Meetings on a Private Yacht

Due to the city’s flourishing financial sector, the amount of business meeting places in Chicago are endless. Over the years this city’s strategic location has made it one of America’s biggest transportation hubs. This key role in the country’s distribution has given birth to a slew of companies ranging from manufacturing to financial trading. Unsurprisingly, this wide variety of businesses generate a massive amount of income. In 2017 Chicago’s total economic output exceeded $679 billion, which makes it the 21st largest economy in the world.

In a city with a stronger economy than Switzerland, the amount of business being conducted is staggering. Chicago is home to 29 Fortune 500 companies, along with thousands of smaller businesses and corporations. Everyday hundreds of business meetings are conducted throughout the city. This diverse amount of financial activity is creating a new demand for Chicago creative meeting spaces. While offices and restaurants are the traditional places to host business activities, a new trend is stealing the show.

Faced with the limitations of normal meeting areas, business owners are switching to private yachts. These luxurious settings are a breath of fresh air in an environment that’s immersed in predictability. Instead of cooping up potential clients in offices, executives are upping the ante with Adeline’s Sea Moose. By taking advantage of our yacht’s Dockside Business Meeting options, the doors are opened to a more engaging environment. In this article we will highlight the advantages private yachts have over traditional business settings. Creating trust starts with a good impression, so discover why private yachts are a key tool to win over potential business partners!

Why Private Yachts Are Perfect for Hosting Business Meetings

Advantage #1: Ideal Location

When hosting business meetings in Chicago, a quality location can make or break the deal. Our yacht is docked in Burnham Harbor, which provides easy access to downtown Chicago. This strategic location allows clients to utilize our private parking to come and go as they choose. Even though it’s only a few minutes from the heart of the city, our clients’ privacy remains preserved. The scenic waters of Burnham Harbor are the perfect place to get down to business.

On top of offering privacy and downtown access, our yacht can be chartered down the Chicago river. This picturesque setting allows executives to make a profound impression on affluent clients. By showcasing the luxurious side of Chicago, potential investors can’t help but get inspired. This feeling of success is contagious, so show your company the perks of being on the winning team!

Advantage #2: Complete Control

While traditional meeting places put visitors at the whim of circumstance, our yacht provides access to a different world. From avoiding traffic to missing the crowds, clients get to experience the definition of luxury. Our yacht provides an intimate setting that’s completely free from the hassles of maneuvering through the city. By eliminating the distractions, the productivity of your business meeting will be exponentially increased. There’s no excuse to let an unforeseen incident ruin the vibe, so seize the situation by booking our private yacht!

Advantage #3: Unmatched Potential

The main advantage yachts have over traditional meeting places is the versatility they provide. While land based venues are stuck with one type of décor, our options are as fluid as the waters we navigate. From hosting meetings to celebrating new partnerships, there’s no limit to the type of corporate events our yacht can host.

Boasting LCD projectors, whiteboards and executive seating, our deckhouse and lounge conference area has everything necessary to take business meetings to the next level. With the potential for private lunches, dinners and specialty meals, our catering options are the perfect way to close the deal. By providing the perfect balance between professionalism and entertainment, Adeline’s Sea Moose makes business meetings an experience. Move away from monotonous corporate meetings and so defy tradition by showcasing the best of Chicago!

If you have any questions or would like to work with one of our event coordinators, please contact us at (224)-601-0200 – we’d love to hear from you and support you in executing the perfect business meeting!